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Our Story


Born from the mind of a project management expert who was overwhelmed with trying to handle it all.  Learn more about our story here. 

Our Vision


To reimagine a world that allows every person to function with efficiency no matterhow many aspirations.Check out our mission here.  

Our Technology


myTAASK uses a combination of machine learning to automate everyday tasks, blockchain to protect privacy for C2C myTAASKs sharing, and Gamification of motivate and reward personal planning implementation.

Developing the Future of Task Automation

myTAASK is the future of getting stuff done in real time. Their vision to automate time-consuming tasks and foster a community of people who seek and exchange knowledge is a game changer.

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Your smart to-do list



Inputting your to-do list is simple and our technology does all of the heavy lifting. Your tasks will be automatically broken down into smaller tasks. Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed. With each project broken down, you'll be wondering how you ever lived without myTAASK.



Community-sharing is a key component of myTAASK.  Your days of planning alone are over. Share tasks you've completed before or learn from our community of contributing founders.  We believe that everyone is an expert in their experience and we can utilize this to help each person live their best life possible. Share myTAASKs with people in your own network or on the web- app with all your new friends. 



Nothing feels better than finishing a goal. Imagine experiencing that feeling on a daily basis. Effectively manage your daily tasks with myTAASK. With our web- app, you have a network of people holding you accountable and guiding you along the way. Not much of a sharer? That's okay, collect coins for completing tasks and get rewards. 

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myTAASK 2018 Year Review

Check out our 2018 year in review!

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 Our team works to deliver software solutions that add value for our members. If you have ideas or specific types of plans, tasks or checklists that will help you live your best life, send us a message.